Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sara Diamond Performing at Simply Swagg Dance Studio 2018 Recital!

Hey everyone! Sara will be performing on June 16th at the Simply Swagg Dance Studio 2018 Recital. For more information click here. In the meantime, be sure to check out Sara's recent Instagram posts down below. Thanks!

<3 Kelsey

Camille Abordo, Prince Ea, & Sounds From Outer Space!

camilleabordo I had so much fun on set this week working on @prince_ea’s amazing new video! Here’s a pic of Me & Prince holding his hard copy of my self-written debut album #SoundsFromOuterSpace ✨πŸ’ΏπŸ‘½ Not only does it contain sounds actually recorded in outer space, it has a positive message & the album packaging is made of recycled plastic bottles bc in order to #SAVETHEPLANET we have to #BETHECHANGE!♻️πŸ’–✌️ CD’s available now on CDbaby! LINK IN BIO to purchase ur copy or download or stream it for FREE! Whatever you’re into! If you like it, PLEASE share it! PEACE & LOVEπŸ’•

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New Paris Monroe Instagram Stories!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Sara Diamond Instagram Pictures!

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Paris Monroe - Happy Mother's Day!

parisqmonroe Happy Mother’s Day to our best friend, confidant, teacher, & God chosen MOM! You are the most loving, devoted, protective mother I know. You are our world ❤️✨ I love you for eternity!

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Camille Abordo In I Just Sued The School System Sequel!

camilleabordo I was never a cheerleader in high school because I chose to be homeschooled and focus on my real passions, then ironically, I got cast as a cheerleader in the sequel to the viral video “I Sued The School System” by @prince_ea. It was so much fun and everyone was absolutely wonderful! I feel incredibly honored to be involved in another creative project like mine that exists to remind us all to be the change we want to see in the world. Thanks again for the opportunity to make the future brighter while doing what I love @feathergirl77 & @prince_ea.πŸ’• Stay tuned for the video!

Hey everyone! So recently Camille was in the sequel to the viral video "I Just Sued The School System." I will include IJSTSS down below so go check that out if you haven't already. There is currently no release date for the sequel but check back here for updates. As for now Camille has been working hard on her second album and preparing for the release of the "Sounds From Outer Space" music video. So Stay tuned and check out the stuff down below. Thanks!

<3 Kelsey