Saturday, May 5, 2012

Taking A Break

Hey Everyone! So I just wanted to inform you on some things. I don't know about you but every year May is the most hectic month for me. Right now I'm getting ready to graduate middle school which is making this month more hectic than other years. I really need to just concentrate on my life right now. I love doing CG3 and if I could spend every minute of every day doing it, I would. But trying to fit it into my day just isn't working for me right now. So I'm going to be taking a break from this site for a little while. I'll have time to start updating again the second week of June. I'm sure I'll miss a ton of exciting things that the girls are doing, but I promise to post everything that I missed from now until June. Hopefully you guys understand and if you do then thanks! So I guess I'll see you guys in June. Bye!
<3 Kelsey

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Anonymous said...

I already miss you. Good luck and see you in June ;)