Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Poll!

So I'll be working on my fall layout soon and I wanted to make a change to my original plans. I want to switch my site from 14 girls to 16 girls. As you know I update on Alissa Mae's band Melroze, so I want to make Indi Blu and Chloe J regulars to the site. I personally love these girls and think they would fit in well to the site. What do you think? Make sure to vote on my poll in the sidebar "Should I Add Indi Blu and Chloe J to the site?"


Anonymous said...

How old are the girls in melroze and vanessa hernandez? great site :)

CliqueGirlz300 said...

@Anonymous Thank you :) Alissa Mae is 16, ChloeJ is 17, Indi Blu is 18, and Vanessa is 19.