Friday, May 19, 2017

Camille's Album Update!

Hey Everyone! The release for Camille’s album Sounds From Outer Space is right around the corner! There is still no official release date. All we know is the album will be released in June. In the meantime, Camille has revealed that the album artwork is being done by @zansot.

Thanks to Natxhypy for this photo!
She’s been posting tons of pictures & videos which include some song snippets from Sounds From Outer Space and her second album which she is currently working on. She has also posted some behind the scenes of her music videos and has hinted at merch coming soon. I’m not going to include any videos in this post because there are just too many to include. So if you want to see the behind the scenes videos from Camille’s music video shoot make sure to check @camilleabordo & @ccaaayyy on Instagram. If you want to see all the recent related photos from Camille and her team make sure to check them out under the cut. Thanks!
<3 Kelsey

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Also a big thanks to Natxhypy for the pictures below!

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