Friday, June 2, 2017

Ariel & Taylor's First Wedding Anniversary!


Ariel & Taylor Ogburn just celebrated their first wedding anniversary on May 28, 2017. They celebrated by spending some time at Taylor's grandparents' cabin. Below I'll include some photos the couple posted from their #adventuresatthecabin along with some captions they wrote to each other. Be sure to check them out! Thanks!
<3 Kelsey

arielogburn Life is always an adventure with you my love!!! I never knew what marriage would be like.. I always thought it was something completely different then it is. As a girl when you grow up, you think "I can't wait to get married!" And then finally after dates and coffee's, baring your heart and soul to each other, you marry! And then you're married, and it's so amazingly comfortable.. no guessing if the other loves you less, no overthinking why they haven't txtd you back, no pretending... and that's the best of all! I am myself around you, and you love all of me! You are my best friend and the person I want to see every minute of every day! Happy Anniversary my babe! You are the love of my life, and the best man I've ever known. Now let's celebrate!!! #happilyeverogburn #anniversary

taylorogburn Though challenging and relentless, this year has been the most amazing and important year of my life. We grow everyday, closer and stronger, towards being the couple we dreamed we would be. Even though we don't have riches or fancy lifestyle, we have each other to make the best of every experience. You are my riches, you are my fancy, and you are my love. You're the butter to my bread, and the bread of my life. Happy One Year Anniversary, @arielogburn! Can't wait for the next!
(Oh P.S. this is the log cabin we're staying in to celebrate! Look how freaking gorgeous it is! My late step-grandfather built it practically by himself!)


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