Sunday, July 30, 2017

Camille's Album Dropping Soon!

camilleabordo With #SoundsFromOuterSpace dropping in a matter of days, I can't even explain the excitement I'm feeling! The blood, sweat, laughter and tears I put into this album will never be forgotten. They are heard in every single song. When I started making this album I never imagined how big of a #challenge the process would be. I was evolving in the midst of creating art that was supposed to reflect who I was at that very moment. The people closest to me both supported me and completely tore me apart at the same time. I went through so much for this to happen, but I was determined not to settle for what everyone thought it should be or when they thought it should happen, or how. I just wanted it to feel right. Listening to it now, I know I did the right thing and I'm ready for you guys to see the world through my eyes. Photo: @ccaaayyy
(Instagram Stories pictures and videos under the cut)

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