Monday, December 11, 2017

Sounds From Outer Space Behind The Scenes!

Directed by @JustChambers. 
Produced by @miss_karina_diaz.
Shot by @thomas_hubbs.
Makeup and special effects by @madeinmyimage.
Hair by @mrzchmbrz.
Special costuming by @rachel_nhan and @bird_art_studio. 
Starring @camilleabordo and @aaron.segal.
Featuring @kristenleanne @joeydiggsjr and @lijahlu. 
Based on the title song off my self-written debut album Sounds From Outer Space produced by@2dp30ple. 
Hey Everyone! On November 11th & 12th Camille recorded the music video for her song Sounds From Outer Space. Throughout filming the cast and crew shared a behind the scenes look on Instagram Stories. The director, Justin Chambers, also wrote blog posts about the shoot on his blog Bare With Me. Below the cut I will include pictures from the SFOS photo shoot, links to the Bare With Me blog posts, and the behind the scenes video. Be sure to check back on Friday, December 15th to see the official trailer for the Sounds From Outer Space music video! Thanks!

<3 Kelsey

Bare With Me Blog Posts

Sounds From Outer Space - Music Video (Behind The Scenes) - Instagram Stories











Other Behind The Scenes Photos

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