Thursday, March 24, 2011

Destinee & Paris on American Idol

Hey everyone!
We had so much fun at American Idol last night, we just wanted to recap you on our day! We arrived on set at 10am and went straight into rehearsals with our Friends, Paul, Thia, and Lauren! We always have a blast hanging out with everyone backstage it’s just such a fun show! Even the crew is so cool! We had to do 3 hours of school before dress rehearsal though… lol which is important and kind of surprisingly fun, because our studio teacher Wendy is the bomb! She’s so much fun, she teaches our friends Scotty, Thia, and Lauren! We went live at 5pm and had a great show! It was so much fun… we love seeing all of our Interscope family out in the audience, it’s so cool. Since it was Motown night we got to sing some amazing classics that we personally love. We sang “Heatwave” with Thia, who is so sweet and fun to hang out with… and not to mention insanely talented! We loved all the harmonies on that song! We also got to sing a Supremes song who we have idolized our whole entire lives! We sang “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” with Lauren who we love so much! We always have a blast before the performance backstage. Last but never least, our big brother Paul! We love him so much! We got to sing a Smokey Robinson song with him called “Tracks of My Tears” which we adore… it’s such a great classic song!
We had the greatest time last night, we we’re hanging out backstage watching the monitors with Scotty, Jacob, and Naima who are so amazing & such great friends… we also got to talk to all the judges before they went on the panel, we go way back with Randy but we finally met Jennifer last night who is so beautiful, sweet, and talented Her smash hit single “On The Floor” was produced by our mentor, big brother, and producer RedOne so we had lots to talk about since you all know Red produced our album! We also we’re dancing with Steven… again. Lol! Words can’t describe how much we love this show & incredible experience! We’re having so much fun being apart of a show like this.
Here are some pictures from last night… hope you enjoy! Thank you all so much for your amazing support, love, and adoration. You are the best! & Thank you for tuning into American Idol! Please vote for your favorite contestant, because 1 vote could change their life. xo -D&P

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