Saturday, April 23, 2011


After a post called Exploring Clique's secret places by there were a bunch of comments. Among these comments was one written by D&P's mom, Lenore. So i thought i would share the conversation between her and radosh with you. (p.s. toward the end of the conversation it says about how the girls were going to release an album as Clique).

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your interest in Clique. Perhaps we can arrange a proper interview so we can get everything straight for the record. Please don't blame these lovely young ladies, blame the parents. We were just trying to help the girls find there style of music and unfortunately we did that with the resources available at the time. I did not even know that song was available since we have removed it from the site. We appreciate your interest but please try to be nice, the girls are really trying to express themselves as artist and are very happy people. Let's keep things positive and try to encourage them not put them down. It takes courage to do what they do. Let's try to build people up and not try to bring them down as they follow their dreams. I understand you are just trying to have fun but fun is not fun when you are hurting people who are just trying to make people happy!
Thanks for writing. Believe it or not, this IS me being nice. I mean, I made fun of the song's lyrics (which I know the girls didn't write) but I also said (honestly) that it's "insanely infectious." I will be genuinely disappointed if I never get to hear it again. Pop songs are supposed to be ridiculous, as far as I'm concerned. The important thing is that the girls knocked it out of the park.
By the way, last night my three year old twins were dancing their butts off to The Girl Who Rules the World, and they have very discriminating tastes.
What I'm saying is (just between us), I really dig this group and I wish the girls nothing but happiness and, if it's what they want, success.
But here's the thing: I write a blog for adults, and while I'm not going to be intentionally mean to these girls, I'm also not going to tailor my writing to the sensibilities of 10 year olds. Girls, if you're reading this, you'll have to trust that while my sense of humor is sometimes a little twisted, I mean no offense. I sometimes make fun of stuff that I like, I sometimes pretend to like stuff that I think is dumb, and I sometimes exaggerate the truth for comic effect. You may have to read carefully to figure out what I really mean, but that's a skill worth developing anyway.
Also, I'm sure you know that kids your age are WAY meaner than adults can ever be, so if you really want to follow this dream, you should brace yourself for genuine cruelty. Don't worry, I'll have your back.
As for an interview... I am tremendously tempted, but way too busy. Besides, after the Huckapoo fiasco, I think it will be a long time before anybody pays me to write about a pop group before they're actually famous (although I'm CONVINCED that this time they're going all the way). So let me get back to you on that. In the meantime, I'm going to continue to post randomly about Clique secure in the knowledge that I'm getting a lot of it wrong and making up the rest. That's part of the fun.
What I would LOVE, however, is a CD of anything Clique has recorded (including the Collar Popping song!). If I'm going to make the case that there's genuine talent here, I'll need more evidence than what's on MySpace and YouTube. I promise to keep the recordings confidential and off the Internet, though I may ask permission to post 30-second snippets for demonstration purposes. If this is a possibility, please email me.
Cool! We totally understand now where you are coming from. You seem like a nice person. It really made the girls smile that your kids like their music. I will see what I can do about getting you the music. For now we are on hold until the album is released. But since you are the first to write about them on the West Coast we will definitely make sure you get one of the first promo copies and a poster for your kids. The girls were actually laughing at all of this but I am probably the sensitive one since they are my children. You, I am sure understand being a parent. They are solid and strong after spending most of their life in public school, (you have to be to survive). Thanks again for recognizing them and again we really appreciate the compliments!

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