Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ariel's Message about Parkinson's Disease

Ariel Moore

On Saturday 2nd April 2011, said:
Hi Friends,

A lot of you already know my father suffers from "Parkinson's" , also known as "PD" which is a degenerative disease and is thought to be an illness that does not have a cure. I have joined the PD Army in the fight for the cure and to raise awareness for this terrible disease. My father has been good at everything his whole life. He worked and lead a pretty normal life until he was diagnosed about 5 years ago. Just with in the last couple years its progressed to a point where my father is on lots of medicine and has to fight to stay still. This illness steals who you are and takes away your freedom to live a normal life. YES, you have to learn to live with it and take extra steps to maintain a healthy life style but try telling that to Parkinson's, it never wants to listen. It is disturbing to watch someone with it because of the uncontrollable muscle movements especially when that person is your father. The guy who can take on the world, and save you from all the scary thing's that life can throw at you. He has taken care of my family and I for so many years and now its our turn to help take care of him. Please join in the fight for PD and lets destroy this disease that is trying to destroy my father and so many others like Michael J Fox. I'm in. Are you?

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Ariel Moore

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